In CES we have learned that no two projects are the same. So, we don’t use assumptions, we use curiosity.

Using Evidence

We work with organisations to help them identify, understand and apply evidence in the real world.

Using data to inform decision making in education

Our work with the Department of Education and Skills to build capacity in accessing, gathering and using data to develop and implement policy

On the right track: learning from prevention and early intervention in Ireland

A series of summaries and reports which include key messages for service commisioners and providers

Tusla Empowering Practitioners and Practice Initiative

Professional development and an online toolkit to improve the use of evidence in social work practice

Connecting Resources

We organise networking activities to join up sectors, hear fresh perspectives and broker relationships.

The Leaders Digest

A blog series by leaders for leaders, to encourage conversation about leadership in public services

Implementation Network of Ireland and Northern Ireland

A place where senior leaders in public services in Ireland and Northern Ireland can come together to share learning about implementation

Access Evidence

Evidence informed resources for practitioners working in frontline services

Building Capacity

Stronger leadership, better use of evidence and effective collaboration - all help to build capacity. We work with others to design tools and training so that change is sustainable.

Youth Mental Health Pathfinder Project

A story about a collaborative, cross government approach to youth mental health

Supporting public services reform and innovation in Ireland and Northern Ireland – The Goal Programme

We're supporting government departments in Ireland and Northern Ireland to try new approaches in human and social services

Building capacity for improvement in health services

We’re working with the HSE Community Operations on a new Programme to support service improvement, capacity building and implementation.

Supporting Implementation

How well a service or project is implemented will influence what it achieves. We support implementation of projects, programmes and services.

The Nurture Programme – Infant Health and Wellbeing

Working with the HSE to support the implementation of a programme to give infants their best start in life

Supporting the implementation of National Clinical Guidelines

Our work with the Department of Health, supporting the implementation of National Clinical Guidelines

The Big Lottery Fund Reaching Out, Supporting Families Programme – Evaluation and Implementation Support

We're working with services for vulnerable families in Northern Ireland - helping them to implement their projects and evaluate their outcomes


We advise on and conduct evaluations of projects, programmes and services, and help build skills and capacity in evaluation and self evaluation.

Building capacity in self evaluation

We help organisations to build their capacity to gather, analyse and apply data

Area Based Childhood Programme National Evaluation

A national evaluation of outcomes, implementation and costs of the Area Based Childhood Programme