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ABC Programme Implementation Readiness Workshops

Posted August 01, 2017

This workshop was co-delivered by CES and the three Prevention and Early Intervention Initiative sites, to representatives from each of the thirteen ABC Programme Areas. Its purpose was to develop a common understanding of ‘implementation science’, assess the readiness in each of the areas and develop an action plan for supporting implementation. It introduces key themes within implementation science, including: implementation stages, implementation drivers, implementation teams and implementation cycles. This resource will be of particular interest to practitioners and service providers in the field of children and youth.

The Science and Practice of Integrating science into practice

Posted July 06, 2017

This presentation was made at the 2013 Global Implementation Conference by Melissa Van Dyke, then Co-Director of the National Implementation Research Network (NIRN) in the USA. As well as introducing the core premise of Implementation Science, the presentation slides provide an overview of the Active Implementation Framework and some of its core concepts, namely: usable intervention criteria; implementation stages, drivers and teams; enabling contexts; and improvement cycles. This is relevant to anyone interested in Implementation Science.

Implementation Support for the Catawba County Child Wellbeing Project, USA

Posted June 14, 2017

This presentation by Alison Metz, Director of the National Implementation Research Network (NIRN) in the USA, was delivered at a meeting of the Implementation Network of Ireland and Northern Ireland in 2013. It describes her experience with the Catawba County Child Wellbeing project, which aimed to expand services for children and families engaged in the welfare system. Topics covered include capacity building for implementation teams, and implementation fidelity. This presentation will be most relevant for policymakers and service providers implementing evidence informed practices.

Growing Evidence in Parenting

Posted November 01, 2015

CES together with the Public Health Agency in Nothern Ireland organised 'Growing Evidence in Parenting', a seminar focusing on the evidence and impact of parenting programmes in Northern Ireland. Three presentations provided a perspective from funders and commissioners. They include presentations from Maurice Leeson (Children Services Planning Professional Advisor/EITP Programme Manager), Maurice Meehan (Public Health Agency) and Norrie Breslin (Big Lottery Fund).

ABC Programme Introductory Event

Posted January 21, 2014

The Area Based Childhood (ABC) Programme is a cross-departmental prevention and early intervention initiative consisting of committed funding for an area-based approach to help improve outcomes for children by reducing child poverty. Members from each of the thirteen areas were invited to attend an introductory information meeting in early 2014. This meeting was facilitated by CES and Pobal.