Three new reports: five years of learning about the impact of alcohol

Over the summer months CES has published three reports from the Big Lottery Fund Impact of Alcohol Programme.

The reports bring together knowledge and learning from a five-year programme in Northern Ireland which aimed to reduce the harm to individuals, families and communities caused by alcohol misuse. Thirty-one projects received funding through the programme and support was provided to more than 142,000 individuals. Together with the Northern Ireland Council for Voluntary Action (NICVA), CES provided technical support to grant holders across the programme.  This involved organising learning and networking events, masterclasses, and giving one to one support to organisations to help them to achieve their outcomes.

The three reports include:

‘Impact of Alcohol: What Next?’ Conference Report

This report is based on the closing conference of the programme, where a range of stakeholders from the statutory, community and voluntary sectors reflected on relevant policy, commissioning and practice issues. A significant outcome was the creation of a series of action plans by stakeholders aimed at tackling alcohol-related harm in Northern Ireland, more effectively. To read the report click here.

‘Impact of Alcohol: Capturing the Learning'

This report brings together the knowledge and learning which was developed and expanded upon, during the Programme.  An implementation lens is used to explore the learning emerging at different stages of projects. To read the report click here.

‘Impact of Alcohol: Exploring the Learning from Elsewhere’

This third report in the series, reviews examples of international best practice. The review draws on interventions designed to support individuals at different stages in their relationship with alcohol from early intervention to chronic, long term use. To read the report click here.

The reports have been widely disseminated to stakeholders in Northern Ireland and a presentation on the learning emerging from the Programme, was recently made to the Department of Health Alcohol Advisory Group.  The Big Lottery Fund are also in the process of commissioning further work to ‘scale up’ the learning from the Programme, review grant funding approaches and explore how planning and partnership across the sectors can be enhanced to influence policies and strategies addressing alcohol misuse.