New Implementation Guide and Toolkit for National Clinical Guidelines

CES has been working with the Department of Health over the past year to support the implementation of National Clinical Guidelines, overseen by National Clinical Effectiveness Committee (NCEC). Clinical guidelines are developed to improve the health and safety of patients. While guidelines are informed by the best available evidence and strong quality criteria, it can be challenging to implement them.

Different research studies have looked at what prevents guidelines from being put into practice, and identify a range of approaches which can support their implementation. Tools, training and resources can help. Involving clinical staff in planning implementation is critical.

We developed and delivered a series of workshops and training sessions for clinical and senior staff, to support them with implementation. We produced an Implementation Guide and Toolkit for the NCEC, which was launched at University College Cork in September. The Guide contains a range of tools, which were adapted to meet the needs of staff involved in developing and implementing guidelines and the context in which they work.

The launch coincided with a Masterclass featuring presentations about different aspects of implementation science and how it can support patient safety. Speakers included Professor Carl May and Professor Josephine Hegarty. CES will continue to work with the Department of Health to support implementation of the guidelines.

"This is a very practical and useful resource.  Implementation focuses on operationalising a plan – it is about 'how' something will be carried out, as well as 'what' will be carried out" 

Professor Karen Ryan, Chair of the National Clinical Effectiveness Committee

To read the Guide click here or or download it below.