The Leaders Digest

Status: Ongoing


A consistent finding from research and our work is that leadership is critical in both implementing change and reform, but also in making a difference for people using public services.

The CES Leaders Digest is a blog series which explores leadership in public services from the perspective of those engaged in implementing public service reform. Gathering reflections, insights and advice from leaders with experience in the field, this series draws together wisdom from the literature and from practice to stimulate reflection, discussion and debate among readers.

Each instalment tackles leadership issues for which there are no easy answers, and roots them in the real-life context of public services in Ireland and Northern Ireland.The aim is to learn together about how effective leadership in the public services can be achieved.

Our Role

At CES, we work to apply new ways of thinking and working with complex problems to advance social change. Over the past number of years we’ve looked at research literature on implementing public service reform and the factors that make it successful. Our ‘Primer on Implementing Whole of Government Approaches’ focused on the challenge of joining up government departments, services and policies. We are working with government departments in Ireland and Northern Ireland on a programme of work called Goal which supports public service reform agendas in both Ireland and Northern Ireland in areas such as health, education mental health and services for children and young people.

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