Research Alive!

Status: Ongoing


Research Alive focuses on empowering educational practitioners to use research as part of their daily work with children and young people. The work involves a collaboration between three organisations – the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NCCA), The Teaching Council of Ireland and CES. The collaboration promotes the use of research in educational practice and the experiences of teachers in implementing and conducting their own research as part of their work.

In 2013, the group conducted a national survey to learn more about how teachers use evidence, their preferred sources of evidence and some of the barriers teachers encountered when accessing evidence. Approximately 4,000 teachers responded to the survey. Teachers who responded identified a number of significant barriers to engaging with research. These included time constraints, accessibility of written research and the relevancy of research findings to their own work.

Together with the NCCA and the Teaching Council, CES has presented the findings of the research and promoted the work of the collaboration at a number of events. These include the Research Alive Conference, Féilte (the World Teachers Day Conference), the Joint Managerial Board of Secondary Schools Conference in 2013, and the American Educational Research Association (AERA) conference in 2015.   

The collaboration continues to plan, participate in and organise events, resources and activities which raise awareness and generate discussion about the use of evidence in education settings. 

You can read the Terms of Reference for the collaboration here

Our Role

Research Alive aims to promote access to research evidence for teachers, and to enhance the use of research by teachers in their practice.  

Objectives of the collaboration include:  

  • To provide opportunities for teachers to come together to share experience of using research in their work, both at events and online through the dedicated #molfeasa hashtag
  • To build ‘communities of practice’ to develop evidence-informed teaching practice and also to bridge the gap between researchers and practitioners
  • To promote awareness of teachers' evidence needs
  • To support better outcomes for children and young people through the increased use of an evidence-informed approach to educational practice 
  • To establish relationships with international bodies in the area of knowledge translation/mobilisation. 

Research Alive Calendar

The calendar below is a joint initiative by the NCCA, the Teaching Council and the Centre for Effective Services to help our users by informing them of all upcoming events and developments where they can connect their practice with research, researchers and other teachers.