Providing Implementation Support to the Early Intervention Transformation Programme

Status: Ongoing


The Early Intervention Transformation Programme (EITP) is an initiative to transform mainstream services in Northern Ireland to develop a prevention and early intervention approach. The Early Intervention Transformation Programme is funded by five government departments in Northern Ireland, the Atlantic Philanthropies and Delivering Social Change, a policy framework which co-ordinates key actions across Government Departments in Northern Ireland. The Early Intervention Transformation Programme is led by the Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety (DHSSPS) and includes a number of different projects grouped in three work streams. 

Overview of CES work

CES’s role in the Early Intervention Transformation Programme is to provide technical support to the Programme Manager and other leaders in the Early Intervention Transformation Programme. This primarily involves implementation support to demonstrate the need for services, help with service design and support to collate and translate evidence so that it can be used in projects.  

Work Stream 1 is focused on universal services and aims to support parents to give their children the best start in life. There are three elements – Ready for Baby; Ready for Toddler; and Ready to Learn.  Work Stream 1 is jointly led by the Public Health Agency and the Department of Education. CES provides implementation support. Our work has included supporting the development of new approaches to the delivery of the universal health visiting and midwifery service. Working in conjunction with the Public Health Agency, CES has assisted with a needs assessment and analysis of workforce engagement and is now involved in supporting the development of Implementation Teams to facilitate delivery of new services. CES also provides support to the Department of Education for a programme to support parents to be more engaged in their child’s education.

Work Stream 2 is led by the Public Health Agency and aims to support families quickly when issues start to emerge. CES has completed a review of evidence based parenting programmes to support Commissioners in the Public Health Agency. CES will be working with a cross departmental team to explore approaches to embed prevention and early intervention skills, competences and knowledge, within the children’s workforce. CES is also preparing an evidence paper on collaboration in early intervention to assist the Family Support Hubs.

Work stream 3 is led by the Health and Social Care Board and focuses on children, young people and their families who are experiencing some adversities. There are two intensive projects to support families, as well as projects supporting young parents in the criminal justice system and children in the care system. CES has written an evidence paper and will provide implementation support. CES is also supporting the development of professionals working with children across Northern Ireland, initially by undertaking a scoping study of international good practice development.