HSE Mental Health Division – Strategic Portfolio and Programme Management Office

Status: Ongoing

The HSE Mental Health Division Programme Management Office Team.


A Vision for Change, published in 2006, sets out a comprehensive policy framework for the transformation of how mental health services are both planned and delivered in Ireland. A Vision for Change proposes a new model of service delivery which is patient-centred, flexible and community based. The HSE Mental Health Division is embarking on a substantial change programme between 2015 and 2018 to realise this reform. 

The HSE Mental Health Division manages all mental health services in Ireland including:

  • Area based mental health services including approved in-patient residential centres and all community based teams
  • Child and Adolescent mental health, General Adult mental health and Psychiatry of Old Age services 
  • National Forensic Mental Health Service
  • National Counselling Service
  • National Office for Suicide Prevention.


In 2014, CES was asked by the HSE Mental Health Division to assist with the implementation of A Vision for Change. 

Our Role

CES has established a Strategic Portfolio and Programme Management Office (SPPMO) with a small dedicated team of staff with strong technical programme management skills to support the implementation of A Vision for Change. The Programme Management Office is based at premises in the HSE facility in St Lomans Hospital.

The Programme Management Office will work with the HSE Mental Health Division to design and oversee the implementation of this national change programme, and will also provide technical and programme management support to individual programmes, projects and local teams across the country. This support includes anything from general guidance and help with documentation right through to ‘health checks’ or risk assessment exercises. The aim of this is to strengthen programme management and implementation skills and capabilities within the Mental Health Division and services over time.

To read more about the SPPMO, visit their page on the HSE website by clicking here