Supporting public services reform - The Goal Programme

Status: Ongoing


Governments in both Northern Ireland and Ireland are currently engaged in significant civil and public sector reform. We are assisting government departments in Ireland and Northern Ireland in undertaking reform and systems change initiatives to improve outcomes for people using public services. In this work we are drawing from our experience of supporting whole of government approaches and helping government to implement a number of programmes, systems change and capacity building initiatives. 

Watch this short video about the programme.

Our Role

This programme of work called the Goal Programme for Public Service Reform in Ireland and Northern Ireland aims to equip public servants to deliver systemic change in public services in Ireland and Northern Ireland, in order to improve outcomes for  people using services in areas such as health, education, mental health, children and young people. Together with a range of partners, we are collaborating with Government departments and agencies to implement a number of large scale sectoral reform projects. 

Evidence and experience from public sector reform initiatives in Ireland, Northern Ireland and internationally inform the work. Key aspects of the programme include supporting public sector reform at leadership level, developing capacities and opportunities for staff in the public system, and providing implementation support for selected projects.

This work is being undertaken from 2016 to 2018. Governments in Ireland and Northern Ireland are investing in the programme through their commitment to collaborating with CES and engaging with the programme.