Access Evidence

Status: Ongoing


Frontline practitioners need access to reliable and strong evidence in their work with families, children and young people. In late 2014, CES began to develop the Access Evidence project to address this need.

Early in 2015 CES carried out a survey to gather the views and ideas of a range of practitioners, including youth workers, teachers, GPs, social workers, psychologists and other professionals, to help us plan the content and format for these resources.

Practitioners identified the following top five topics to be of interest in their work:

  1. Adverse events in childhood
  2. Coaching and Mentoring
  3. Family Structure
  4. Substance Misuse 
  5. Self regulation

    Watch our animation on youth mental health in Ireland and Northern Ireland below. 


Our Role

Access Evidence resources are produced by CES and a Practice Advisory Group for frontline practitioners working with children, families and young people. Each resource includes a literature review on a particular topic, along with a short summary and implications for practice. Resources, tools and further reading materials will be included where appropriate.  

Download the series resources in the links below.