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  • New research launched during the week in Ireland on cyberbullying, along with some resources for parents.
  • Coverage of a PhD published which focuses on the mental health of new mothers
  • An article in the Guardian asks what can be done to tackle the youth mental health treatment gap.
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Teachers and Research – Continuing the Conversation

CES, together with the Teaching Council and the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment will host a Shared Learning Day on Saturday March 11th at Mary Immaculate College in Limerick.

This Shared Learning Day aims to support teachers engaged in research, and to provide them with opportunities to share their experience with others. CES has worked closely with the Teaching Council and the NCCA since 2013 to enhance connections between research, policy and practice to develop both teaching and learning.

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CES is recruiting - HR Specialist

CES has grown significantly in size and complexity in the last 12 -18 months and we now wish to recruit additional HR expertise for our small Corporate Services team. This HR specialist role will be of interest to enthusiastic HR professionals in mid- career who relish the challenge of honing their skills in a growing and diverse environment across a broad range of HR areas.The closing date for applications is Friday January 27th at 5pm.

To read more about the job and how to apply, click here.

Read the CES Quarterly Ezine - December 2016

A number of new resources are featured in the December issue of the CES Ezine. They include a video on how to involve children in evaluation approaches, which was produced for groups delivering services under the Big Lottery Reaching Out, Supporting Families Programme.

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From being seen to being heard - childrens voices in evaluation approaches

CES is working in partnership with thirty-six groups in Northern Ireland funded under the Big Lottery funded Reaching Out, Supporting Families Programme. Projects on the programme work with families experiencing a range of issues – including visual impairment and disability, fostering, caring responsibilities and domestic violence.

While CES has been working with groups in preparing to implement their projects, we will also be supporting them in planning evaluation.

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Bringing a pilot to scale – The United Youth Pilot Programme Evaluation

In April this year, we were commissioned by the Department for Employment and Learning in Northern Ireland (now Department for the Economy), to evaluate the pilot phase of the United Youth Programme. This programme aimed to support young people between the ages of 16-24 to achieve beneficial outcomes in four areas: personal development involving social and emotional capabilities, citizenship, good relations, and employability.  The programme progresses one of the actions identified in the Northern Ireland Executive's ‘Together: Building a United Community' Strategy.

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CES Knowledge Exchange - News, tools, and resources

In the news

  • A number of articles look at various aspects of antenatal care such as health visiting, new vaccines for babies and support for expectant mothers
  • Coverage of issues affecting the mental health of children and young people
  • Read recent coverage of an NUI Maynooth study called ‘Family Rhythms’ about family structure in Ireland. Ruth Geraghty, Data Curator with CRNINI is one of the authors of the study.  
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Whats new online

Why you might want to put the baby books down – The Myth of the Good Baby

This animation from the College of Human and Health Sciences in Swansea University draws on evidence to explain how parents can respond to their baby’s needs.

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What makes research effective for children and communities?

'What Works Research' Event at Queens University Belfast

‘What Works Research’ was the theme of an event at Queen’s University Belfast hosted by the Childrens Research Network, together with the Centre for Evidence and Social Innovation (CESI) at the Queen’s University, Playboard NI and CES.

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Supporting change in the mental health services in Ireland

The Programme Management Office Team

Since 2014 mental health services in Ireland have been undergoing a significant reform process. The background for this reform includes A Vision for Change, which outlined a strategy and framework for achieving change in the services, and a wider reform agenda across public services in Ireland. The reform coincides with a process of organisational restructuring within the Health Service Executive (HSE).

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Tales of Implementation Science: The Implementation Network for Ireland and Northern Ireland

The Implementation Network of Ireland and Northern Ireland

The Implementation Network for Ireland and Northern Ireland provides policy makers, service managers, commissioners and researchers with an opportunity to share their experience of implementation, and to keep up to date with developments in implementation science across Europe and internationally. CES hosts network meetings twice a year, and in November the network met in Belfast for the first time.

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Developing evidence informed tools for social workers

Over the past two years CES has been working in collaboration with Tusla, the Child and Family Agency, to support social workers in the Agency to use evidence in their work with children and families. Two strands of The Empowering Practitioners and Practice Initiative (EPPI) include a Toolkit for social work, and the Evidence Informed Practitioner Programme . 170 social workers from the Agency have completed the Programme. Both the Evidence Informed Practitioner Programme and the toolkit will support social workers to use evidence and research more readily in their practice, increase their confidence and expertise and result in more timely decisions in their work with children and families.

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CES Weekly Knowledge Exchange - News, tools, resources and policy

In the news

  • Coverage on new findings on vaccinations for pregnant women and breakthrough research on causes of cot death
  • New research highlighted on the educational standards in Northern Ireland
  • A range of articles focus on the state of mental health care in Ireland and Northern Ireland.
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Welcome to our graduate interns 2016- 2017

The seventh year of CES’s Graduate Internship Programme began in September 2017, with six new interns beginning their placements in both Dublin and Belfast.The Programme offers graduates professional and personal development opportunities, along with practical work experience over a twelve-month period.

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Reforming services: What can Northern Ireland learn from New York City?

In late July CES organised and delivered a two-day Masterclass for social work leaders from the Department of Health, Health and Social Care Board and the 5 Health and Social Care Trusts in Northern Ireland. 

The focus of the two-day event was the implementation work undertaken by the New York City Administration for Children's Services.

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Global Implementation Initiative: Call for proposals

The Global Implementation Initiative welcomes submissions for the next Global Implementation Conference in June 2017. Next year’s conference takes place in Toronto, where the theme is ‘Expanding Implementation Perspectives, Engaging Systems’. The conference will be hosted in partnership with the Hospital for Sick Children.

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