Working in partnership to make recovery a reality

The HSE National Mental Health Division has responsibility for mental health services with the primary objective of promoting and improving the mental health of people living in Ireland.  Recent projects focus on areas such as service user involvement, mental health care for people who are homeless and supporting the mental health of people with intellectual disabilities.  The launch of the “HSE Best Practice Guidance for Mental Health Services” next month will promote person centred, safe and quality focused care and has been designed by staff and service users.

Reform based on recovery

Recovery is at the heart of a programme of change underway in mental health services.  The philosophy of recovery in mental health services is based on the concepts of strength and empowerment, that focus on a person’s hopes and aspirations rather than the absence of illness.  People are actively encouraged and supported to participate and make choices about their care in order to take increased control and initiative in their lives.  A National Recovery Framework is being developed which will inform how projects and programmes in mental health services are delivered in Ireland. 

Supporting change nationally and locally

Together with the HSE Mental Health Division, we set up a Programme Management Office with a small team based in Dublin to support this ambitious programme of change in mental health services. The Programme Management Office is supporting the HSE Mental Health Division in Ireland to develop new structures, processes and approaches, but is also working with local teams and giving them practical support with their projects. The PMO has developed a project management methodology to meet the needs of the services and is providing training for teams with different aspects of their projects, from governance through to organisational roles, objectives and timelines. The PMO is now providing oversight and support to twenty three projects of different sizes, scale and duration in different parts of the country.