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Adverse Childhood Experiences (English) from www.substance.org.uk on Vimeo.

How does the experience of separation, family violence, neglect or poverty affect children? What kind of impact does it have on them as they grow up?

This short animation looks at the impact of adversity from the perspective of a child. It has been produced for audiences in England and Wales.


The Public Impact Observatory (Centre for Public Impact)

The observatory is an online database full of public policy case studies. It includes examples of public policy initiatives that have succeeded or failed, and draws out lessons for future policy initiatives. Case studies cover anything from the development of universal basic education in Nigeria, through to the roll out of a carbon tax in Australia. They are examined in terms of their evidence base, how they engaged with stakeholders and other criteria.

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The very long list of Innovation Toolkits and Resources (Australia)

Are you interested in learning more about behavioural economics or looking for service design tools? Want practical tools to apply design or system thinking in your work? This comprehensive list of toolkits has been put together by the Australian government, as a resource for public sector innovation. Over sixty tools are included, which have been produced by governments around the world, the OECD, Nesta and other organisations.

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The social workers toolbox (UK)

This toolbox includes a range of free tools and resources that can be used by social workers in their direct work with both children and adults. They include activity books, tools, videos, guides and activities.

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