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X Factor for Evidence

In early February, the Health Foundation in the UK held an event to illustrate different forms of evidence and how they can inform policy in public health. X Factor for Evidence for the Publics Health was the title of this event, which featured short contributions followed by a lively discussion on the topic. A recording of the event and accompanying materials are now available.

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Putting evidence to work: A schools guide to implementation (EEF)

This guide aims to demystify the process of implementation for schools, and can be used to apply to any school improvement decision, programmes or practices, programmes or practices; whole-school or targeted approaches; internal or externally generated ideas.

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Building resilience in children aged 0-12: A practice guide

This guide aims to assist practitioners to promote children’s resilience and raise community awareness about how it can develop. The guide is for practitioners working across a broad range of settings including early childhood education and care settings, primary schools, welfare and community-based health and mental health settings.

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Poverty in Northern Ireland 2018 (Joseph Rowntree Foundation)

This briefing examines trends in poverty and related issues in Northern Ireland, and compares these to the situation both in the UK as a whole and in England, Wales and Scotland.

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