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The Confidence Framework

This is a framework developed for organisations delivering services, to help them identify areas of strength and areas of improvement within the services they deliver and the organisation themselves. The framework covers five dimensions, these include Design, Delivery, Monitor, Determine Benefit and Sustain.

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The Evidence Planning Tool (Nesta)

How do you build an evidence based case for the impact that you want to have? This tool is part of a DIY Toolkit developed by Nesta. It helps you think about the impact that your project may have on other people and organisations, and to identify any issues quickly.

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Homelessness (PublicPolicy.ie)

Some key statistic on homelessness by region, and data on the educational profile of people experiencing homelessness are included.

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Co-production – how we make a difference together (Scottish Co-production Network)

This is a suite of resources, including, videos, case studies and information to promote understanding of co-production. It gives a number of examples about how co-production can be used.

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