Towards a National Framework for Recovery in Mental Health

The development of a National Framework for Recovery in Mental Health is one of 29 high priority national projects currently being managed by the HSE Mental Health Division for implementation in all Mental Health Services nationally. The Mental Health Division, Strategic Portfolio and Programme Management Office (SPPMO) is supporting the delivery  of  these projects as part of the large scale reform of mental health services in Ireland. The SPPMO includes a small team from CES with skills in programme and project management and clinical practice, and has already developed a project management methodology, produced tools and delivered training to support managers and other professionals in the mental health services. 


Recovery is intrinsically about people experiencing and living with mental health issues in their lives and the personal goals they want to achieve in life regardless of the presence or severity of those mental health issues.  The approach was first outlined in A Vision for Change, the national mental health policy document published in 2006.  A key priority for the HSE Mental Health Division is to further embed the shift towards recovery, person centred, evidence based service and to develop a National Recovery Framework which will support service providers around the country to implement this approach. A range of different stakeholders are involved in the development of the Framework, including service users, family members and carers, service providers and academic organisations.  


Our role 

Over the past number of months we have been working with the HSE Mental Health Division to develop the Framework. First of all, we managed and facilitated a number of activities to help reach agreement on a shared understanding of Recovery. We reviewed learning and identified risks from previous projects, and helped to ensure that the framework was aligned with existing initiatives. The next steps involve us supporting the Mental Health Division in the design and production of the framework publication, a resource which will be used by service providers.  


The work is an important step in supporting the HSE Mental Health Division to move forward with their strategic priority of becoming a recovery oriented service.