New Global Implementation Specialist Practice Profile

CES has been working together with the National Implementation Research Network (NIRN) to identify the skills and competencies needed by intermediary organisations providing implementation support. The Global Implementation Practice Profile outlines the skills and competencies required to build the capacity of people and organisations so that they can implement new policies, interventions and approaches effectively. 

Both NIRN and CES presented a working draft of the Global Implementation Specialist Practice Profile at the Global Implementation Conference in Toronto in June this year.

Skills and competencies outlined in the profile were informed by a review of the evidence and  consultation with CES and NIRN staff providing implementation support. They will continue to be tested later this year to make sure that they are relevant, understandable, helpful and measurable. 

The Profile will be of interest primarily to intermediary organisations, such as NIRN and CES, who provide implementation support to services, policy makers, funders and commissioners.