Evidence informed toolkit launched for social workers

CES Chair Jack Golden with Cormac Quinlan, Tusla

Tusla has launched an online toolkit for social workers to support them to use evidence in their work with children and young families. The toolkit was launched at a conference showcasing our work with the agency on the Empowering Practitioners and Practice Initiative (EPPI), a project which encourages greater use of evidence in social work practice.  

The toolkit is the result of a strong partnership between CES and Tusla over the past three years. There are nine sections, which offer tools, frameworks, practice tips and research findings to help Tusla social workers to source, understand and apply evidence in their daily work.   

The conference gave social workers a preview of the resources which are hosted on the Tusla Hub, the agency’s internal communications platform. Social workers who participated in the Evidence Informed Practitioner Programme spoke about how evidence was informing their work with a range of challenges on the frontline, including homelessness, online child sexual exploitation and foster care.   

The EPPI project is now entering its second phase, where it will be implemented and embedded across the agency. An Implementation Team has been established to oversee this task.  

The toolkit is part of Tusla's overall commitment to develop an evidence informed practice in child protection and welfare, using the ‘Signs of Safety’ framework. They will continue to implement the Evidence Informed Practitioner Programme, and to further develop their research centre. These developments together offer a learning environment for staff and support more confident decision making from social workers, both of which will benefit children and families.