CES Knowledge Exchange - News, tools, resources and policy

In news

  • Coverage of Tusla, the Child and Family Agency child protection policy. There is also coverage on a growing demand for services for victims of domestic violence.
  • Articles on service implementation look at an initiative in the school system in Ireland which involves sharing data.
  • The need for service user and carer engagement in social care policy is the theme of an article in the Guardian.


In tools and resources

  • A blog entry from IRISS (Scotland), based on an event they organised on the theme of leadership includes some resources such as a logic model and a presentation.
  • NSPCC resources for parents and practitioners, designed to use with children in preventing childhood sexual abuse.
  • What type of public servant are you? Take this short quiz from Apolitical to see your public service traits.


In publications and research

  • A new report from the Early Intervention Foundation on improving the effectiveness of the child protection system.
  • A new report from Mental Health Reform on homelessness and mental health.
  • Research on Scotland’s Baby Box Pilot.