CES Knowledge Exchange - News, tools, resources and policy

The CES Knowledge Exchange brings together some resources and information from the external environment which are relevant to CES’s work with public services in the following general areas: children and families, youth, health and mental health, education, youth justice, service implementation and public service reform.

In the news

  • A new diversity training initiative for gardai in dealing with a range of issues, including autism, youth mental health and LGBT issues

  • An article from The Conversation on why women need access to better maternal health care
  • A new report from the Samaritans on suicide rates.

In tools and resources

  • A blog entry from Child Trends on parental depression
  • Dr Sabine Brennan’s video series How can I keep my brain healthy
  • A blog entry from NESTA about ‘an experimental culture’ in government based on reflections from practice.

In research and publications

  • A report from the ESRI on the effects of financing systems change on Irish healthcare expenditure
  • Flourishing from the Start is new research from Child Trends.

In policy

  • A transcript of a debate in the Joint Committee on Education and Skills about positive mental health in schools
  • A report from DCYA – State of the Nation, with trends and information on different aspects of children’s lives.