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In news

  • New research on various aspects of infant health and development, including infant and maternal mental health
  • Coverage in the Irish Times highlights a significant decline in the numbers of women smoking during pregnancy
  • Data from the NSPCC on substance abuse figures in Northern Ireland.

In tools and resources

  • A series of podcasts has been produced by Louth and Roscommon County Childcare Committees together with the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment to support the early years sector in their work with young children
  • A blog entry from CELCIS in Scotland explains the use of timelines in supporting looked after children
  • A video featuring Dr Elaine Toomey about her work in public health and behaviour change at the National University of Ireland.

Publications and research

  • A report from the NSPCC highlights gender specific approaches to children and young peoples emotional and mental health and wellbeing
  • ‘What the World’s Young People Think and Feel’ – Generation Z: Global Citizenship Survey
  • A study featured in Implementation Science Journal looks at how effective evidence summaries are in supporting policy makers to use evidence in their work.