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In the news

  • Experience and interact with the world from the point of view of a baby. A new virtual reality project from the Guardian, based on research in brain development and colour vision.
  • New research from Ireland, about young carers with siblings with autism or a learning disability.

In tools

  • ‘MyCourtroom’ is a new interactive training tool for social workers that takes them through a family court case simulation
  • Route Maps as tools in education – The UK organisation CUREE has developed a prototype for the tool used to help teachers draw on research evidence in the classroom
  • A consultation event to involve young people in the new LGBT strategy. The event was organised and hosted using ‘Facebook Live’.

In publications and research

  • A new report from the National Children’s Bureau on delivering mental health transformation for all children
  • The Eurochild Annual Report 2016, along with their Child Participation Strategy
  • Research on youth mental health.