CES Knowledge Exchange - News, tools, and resources

The CES Knowledge Exchange brings together some resources and information from the external environment which are relevant to CES’s work with public services in the following general areas: children and families, youth, health and mental health, education, youth justice, service implementation and public service reform.

In news:

  • Coverage of the level of poverty experienced by families in Northern Ireland and across the UK
  • A feature on youth mental health, based on a survey conducted by the Irish Examiner, which explores the views of young people in Ireland about their wellbeing. Two extensive features were published this week
  • Coverage of the Le Chéile Youth Justice mentoring initiative, involving a case study.

In tools, resources and publications:

  • An IRISS Briefing on social work and Travellers
  • A good online resource on writing summaries on health research for non specialist audiences
  • The Alberta Family Wellness Initiative website includes a range of useful resources, from online courses on brain development, to video recordings of specialist talks
  • Read an article about the Nurture Programme and infant mental health in the current issue of the HSE magazine ‘Health Matters’
  • A report from the ‘Realising Ambition’ series, focused on the costs of delivering high quality services for children and young people.

In policy and research:

  • A transcript from the recent Committee on the future of healthcare meeting, about healthcare reform and including a contribution from Minister for Health Simon Harris
  • Parliamentary questions about prevention and early intervention in youth work, and the Area Based Childhood Programme.
  • Research on young adult service users experience with mental health care and treatment over a period of a year.