A recipe for high performing organisations

‘Leading for the future’ is the theme of one of the nine projects included under the Goal Programme for Public Service Reform in Ireland and Northern Ireland. We are working with six government departments in Ireland and Northern Ireland on the programme.

The Leadership Development Programme under Goal involves Deputy Secretary officials in the Northern Ireland Civil Service. We consulted and designed the programme together with the Northern Ireland Civil Service in 2016, and since February, Deputy Secretary Officials have been completing the Programme in two separate groups.

‘It’s all about people’ was the focus of the second module of the programme which ran in March. We invited Michael West to speak to both groups participating on the programme.

Michael is a Senior Fellow with the King's Fund, and a Professor of Work and Organisational Psychology at Lancaster University Management School. He has conducted extensive research in health services in the UK. He spoke to the group about the kinds of organisational cultures that contribute to high performing organisations, and the behaviours and roles of leaders that are important in civil and public services.

To listen to a short interview with Michael, click here.