Links & Connections

CES supports and collaborates with a range of government departments, state agencies, foundations, networks and organisations in Ireland and internationally.

Read about some of the organisations we work with

  • The Teaching Council of Ireland

    The role of the Teaching Council is to promote teaching as a profession, to promote the professional development of teachers and to regulate standards in the profession.  The Teaching Council also has a role in promoting research about teaching, learning and assessment. 

    CES collaborates with the Teaching Council on a project called 'Research Alive' which aims to promote greater awareness and use of evidence in education settings.

    Read more about the work of the Teaching Council

  • The National Centre for Curriculum and Assessment

    The National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NCCA) is a statutory body which advises the Minister for Education and Skills on curriculum and assessment from early childhood to the end of second level.  The NCCA undertakes, uses and shares research as a basis for advice and debate on education.

    CES collaborates with the NCCA on a project called 'Research Alive' which aims to promote greater awareness and use of evidence in education settings.

    Read more about the work of the NCCA

  • Tusla, the Child and Family Agency

    Tusla, the Child and Family Agency is the dedicated State agency responsible for improving wellbeing and outcomes for children.  The Agency was established in 2014.

    CES is working with Tusla to to develop and deliver the Empowering Practitioners and Practice Initiative, a programme of work which responds to the needs of the Agency and Tusla social workers.

    Read more about the work of Tusla

  • The Health Services Executive (HSE)

    The HSE provides all public health services in Ireland, in hospitals and communities throughout Ireland. 

    CES is supporting the implementation of two major health intiitatives within the HSE.  CES is supporting the Mental Health Division in the HSE to implement A Vision for Change, through the establishment of a Programme Management Office based in the HSE Cherry Orchard facility. 

    CES is also supporting the HSE to implement The Nurture Programme - Infant Health and Wellbeing.  The Programme Grant is managed by the Katharine Howard Foundation.

    Read more about the HSE

  • The Katharine Howard Foundation

    Read more about the work of the Katharine Howard Foundation

Read about some of the international organisations we work with

  • European Implementation Collaborative

    The European Implementation Collaborative (EIC) aims to promote a greater understanding of implementation science and practice within and across European welfare and human service systems and has created an online infrastructure for cross European exchange of practice and research on implementation.

    CES played a key leadership role in the establishment of the EIC and continues to work on the development of the collaborative.

    Visit the European Implementation Collaborative website

  • The Global Implementation Initiative

    The Global Implementation Initiative (GII) promotes discussion and action on the challenges of implementation. Its mission is to advance implementation science, practice, and policy and to promote their active application within all human services.

    CES plays an active role in the ongoing development of the GII and was instrumental in bringing the Global Implementation Conference to Ireland in May 2015.

    Visit the Global Implementation Initiative website

  • The National Implementation Research Network

    The mission of the National Implementation Research Network  is to contribute to the best practices and science of implementation, organisation change, and system reinvention to improve outcomes across the spectrum of human services. NIRN is based in the University of North Carolina, in the US.

    CES has a strong international partnership with NIRN. 

    Visit the National Implementation Research Network website

  • Parenting Resource Centre, Melbourne

    The Parenting Resource Centre is based in Melbourne, but works across Australia to improve outcomes for children by increasing effectiveness and innovation in the way families are supported in their parenting. 

    Visit the Parenting Resource Centre website