International Implementation Organisations

European Implementation Collaborative (EIC)
This collaborative consists of practitioners, policy-makers and researchers from around Europe who are involved in implementation. It aims to create an infrastructure for cross-European exchange of practice and research on implementation.

Global Implementation Initiative (GII)
This initiative promotes implementation science in practice and policy, to contribute to socially significant benefits for individuals and society. It promotes access to implementation networks and experts, and hosts a biennial conference on implementation.

National Implementation Research Network (NIRN)
This organisation, based in the USA, aims to advance the science of implementation, and inform policies that promote implementation across human service domains (e.g. health, education, social services).

Society for Implementation Research Collaboration (SIRC)
This society aims to bring together researchers and stakeholders committed to the rigorous evaluation of the implementation of evidence-based psychosocial interventions. It hosts a biennial conference on implementation; runs a series of initiatives on issues related to implementation; and has established a Network of Expertise (NoE) in the field.

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