About CES

The Centre for Effective Services (CES) is a not for profit, intermediary organisation with offices in Dublin and Belfast.  We connect policy, practice and research, helping to ensure the implementation of effective services, to improve the lives of people living across the island of Ireland. 

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CES was established in 2008 to join up research, policy and practice and to translate research in a way that was accessible and relevant for policy makers and practitioners. In its foundation phase, CES provided support to the Prevention and Early Intervention Initiative, where we synthesised the learning from a significant investment by Atlantic Philanthropies and government in 52 prevention and early intervention projects in both Ireland and Northern Ireland. The aim of this work was to ensure that learning from the Prevention and Early Intervention Initiative informs the development of new national policy initiatives, and contributes to better outcomes for children, their families and the communities where they live. 

Since it was set up, CES has acted as an implementation partner with government on a number of policy initiatives including Better Outcomes, Brighter Futures, and A Vision for Change.  CES is also assisting with the implementation and evaluation of new approaches to service delivery, such as the Area Based Childhood Programme in Ireland and the Early Intervention Transformation Programme in Northern Ireland. Together with the HSE Mental Health Division, CES established a Programme Management Office to support a significant programme of change across mental health services in Ireland. In 2015, the Childrens Research Network made the decision to integrate into CES. 

Almost a decade later, the work of CES has expanded into new sectors, partnerships and services, all of which are working to improve the lives of people across Ireland. 

Our Work

CES is an intermediary organisation based in Dublin and Belfast. We are committed to an all island approach, which we believe adds value to the work of policy makers, service providers and practitioners in both Ireland and Northern Ireland, and supports them to improve the lives of people throughout the island. 

One way of describing CES is as a ‘think and do tank’. We make relevant, usable evidence available to policy makers, service commissioners, providers and practitioners. We help them to generate evidence through their own practice and work with them to support the implementation of effective policy, efficient systems and good practice, to improve the lives of people across the island of Ireland.  We work in partnership with government departments, statutory organisations, state agencies, foundations and funds.  Our work with practitioners involves supporting them to draw on and use the best available evidence to improve outcomes in a number of settings – from education through to mental health, youth and community centres, early years, social care and detention. 

In 2015, CES began a new phase of work with governments in Ireland and Northern Ireland, to assist them to implement a number of new programmes, systems change and capacity building initiatives.  This work will build on a strong commitment to public service reform in both Ireland and Northern Ireland, and is supported by both governments and the final phase of investment from the Atlantic Philanthropies in Ireland. 

Our Aims

  • To influence policy and systemic change
  • To champion innovative service design and implementation
  • To build knowledge, skills and capacity
  • To promote partnerships and collaborations
  • To develop CES organisational effectiveness